Hex Chests Remastered: Artisan Dice Boxes

Created by Elder Wood

Hex Chests Remastered: Artisan Dice Boxes
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Estimated Shipping Date: February 2018
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Flat Pack
The result of our collaboration with Reddit user Gnome_Tsunami nee Dan Shirts. Assemble the flat... more »
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Spellweaver Hex Chest Remastered
The fully remastered Hex Chest in your choice of select woods appointed with an etched maple acce... more »
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Runemaster Hex Chest Remastered
Your very own fully remastered classic with inlay art options on the lid.
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That Floaty Thing
The magnetic floaty thing and the walnut magic circle that enshrouds it. Does *not* include a Hex... more »
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Acq Inc Hex Chest Remastered
The Acq Inc Hex Chest Remastered is crafted in wenge, inlaid with the exclusive Acq Inc logo, com... more »
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Paragon of Hexagons
Get fully customized art engraved on your Remastered Hex Chest. We'll work with you one-on-one to... more »
Oblong 20octagon legacy square thumb
Oblong Octagon
The Oblong Octagon reward is an extended Remastered Hex Chest upgraded to include ten spots for d... more »
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Elderwood Winged Dice
Get a set of Elderwood's winged dice. Blue numerals on blue, white numerals on black, or gold num... more »
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Elderwood Black Aluminum Winged Dice
Black aluminum dice with the Elder Phoenix in place of the top numerals.
Elderwood t shirt legacy square thumb
Elderwood T-shirt
Wear our branding and advertise for us! You'd expect to be paid for the privilege, but instead yo... more »